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Talented freelancers are the future

Many are predicting by 2027 the shape of the Australian work force will dramatically change, with a majority of labor being offered by freelancers.

This is an exciting opportunity for companies who are hunting for great talent to help supplement their workforce.


Are you hunting for motivated and skilled professionals who are committed to their career? Tired of keeping an eye out for people who are genuinely in love with what they do and are looking to link up with companies searching for great people?
Traditional searching and recruitment can be a costly and time consuming effort.
The Jungal platform is your place to search for Australia’s top talent all in real time.


No longer a dream of some day in the far future – platform based hiring is here to stay and your company needs to have access to the best talent in Australia.
Don’t be left behind – register your business with The Jungal today.


We know every single person in the Jungal and our deep commitment to our freelancer community means we can accurately and honestly represent our cohort to you.
No overstating accomplishments with a fake profile, the Jungal Gigstars are presented online with a rich variety of insights to show who they really are and what they can do for your business.

What does 2020 have in store? 64% of freelancers get their work online