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‘Having set fees for teams has made budgeting and then connecting with freelancers much faster and allows us to get on with the real work much easier than before.’ 

Financial Services Client, 2020



Access to verified gigs and contracts

Have access to a variety of verified gigs and high quality assignments


Improve your global skills and credentials

Take advantage of our global upskilling programs to help you stand out from the crowd


Work in a community of professionals

Become a part of the fast growing  business community in Australia and be proud of your individual skills.



Free access to verified professionals

Enter The Jungal and gain access to Australia’s leading freelancer talent


Buy Australian skills and expertise

The Jungal is filled with fully verified and skilled professionals looking to work with you


Cost effective pay as you go model

The Jungal allows you to offer a deal directly to a freelancer and negotiate a great arrangement for all

Increase in OnDemand acceptance

  • % of Freelancers happy with lifestyle and cash right now
  • Happy to give up some of the lifestyle for more cash

The right people for the right gig

The gig economy has certainly become a cultural phenomenon as Australian organisations big and small are looking to increase talent agility whilst minimising cost. For them, this means bringing in expertise or additional arms and legs that they do not want or need in-house. Traditional ways of doing this can be expensive, slow, of variable quality or all of the above.

Some of the biggest problems stem not from the fact that the workforce is becoming more flexible, but because as individuals, organisations and legislators, we are not prepared.

These are changing days and The Jungal offers the opportunity for a high performance ecosystem to work with you.