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Sept 2015 - Beta Jungal platform is released in Adelaide

ADELAIDE : Sept 2015


The Jungal Platform goes live!

After a year hard work the new Beta Jungal is here!


Welcome to the new way of working where the freelancing community has an option to build a wonderful career based on quality gigs and mixing with like minded people. For Australian companies, you can now have direct access to a pool of talented and verified freelancers who are wiling to work with your project.

‘The process has been a very long design effort as we have re-imagined the needs of the Australian workforce. I am delighted we have entered the market and can only image what the future holds.’ say Jungal Managing Director, Marina Pullin.


The Jungal is available on iTunes and plans to release to Android in Oct 2017.

Nov 2016 - Jungal Platform wins major Innovation Award

What a night!

Jungal picks up major award and merits in three other categories.


The annual Winnovation Awards were held on a warm balmy night in Australia and gave no indication the level of accomplishment that was in store.

Among an inspiring group and incredible examples of excellence, The Jungal  wins the Maths and Data Award for our algorithms and digital excellence and received merits in the Open Category, Technology and Social Enterprise.



2017 Winnovation Award Winner

Maths and Data


2017 Merit Recognition Awards

Open Category


Social Impact

Dec 2017 - Australia's second largest credit union joins the Jungal

Welcome to the Jungal PCCU!

After a competitive tendering process, The Jungal platform and functionality joins The People Choice Credit Union, Australia’s second largest credit union.

The arrangement provides a variety of on demand resources to PCCU as they prepare to enter a major transformation era.

March 2018 - New Jungal Platform Plan Announced

New Jungal enterprise platform starts


With the increased demand and an ambitious strategy, the new Jungal platform has kicked off. The current platform will remain in place and continue to support the team as we move towards a larger international platform.

  • Increased features for companies
  • Better management for gigstars
  • Future design to include a blockchain element
  • High levels of security and data protection
  • Greater verification and skills assessment
  • Industry expertise and verticals


An exciting new phase as the Jungal looks towards the international environment.


Estimated date of release : July 2019

January 2018 - On the stage and talking about the 'Future of Work'

Where are we going to be in 10 years?



The Jungal team were recently asked to participate in a public discussion to explore the future of work and how the Gig Economy will change us all.

The session, run by Leap Sheep, threw open the debate and exploration of how work will change and transform in the next 10 years.

March 2018 - Jungal interviewed about the Gig Economy with Rooster Radio

Rooster Radio takes on The Jungal insight


A popular independent radio station approach The Jungal team to receive an expert insight into the impact of the gig economy and how we, as a country, will change and evolve.

A frank and intelligent analysis on the emerging economy alterations and the consequent and opportunities before us.


Listen to the full episode – Rooster Radio Ep. 105.


June 2018 - How Airtasker grew its user base to 2 million people with only 165 staff

Everyone is curious about platforms and what it means to us all.  The Australin Financial Review has been keeping close to the mega trend and now posts articles each month.

Check out the Air Tasker story here


November 2018 - The Jungal welcomes accredited Facilitators and Mentors to the tribe

Quality is everything in The Jungal

We’re delighted to be opening the greenery to a cohort of 8 talented facilitators and professional mentors. The group from MCBI have brought a high level of expertise and skill to the area of personal development and all backed by an independent accreditation scheme.

The accreditation means all of our Jungal companies can have access to top talent that have been fully verified twice!