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The Jungal verifies all of the freelancers and ensure we offer a high

standard of trusted Australian talent.


Our verification process covers identity, skills and work references as

a standard part of the acceptance on the platform.

Verified Gigstar™

This credential is issued to verified Jungal freelancers and a two year accreditation is issued via our blockchain.

Verified Volunteer

This credential is issued to those freelancers who have successfully completed a volunteer assignment via the platform.

Verified Intern

This credential is issued to those freelancers who have successfully completed an internship via the platform.

Our valuable clients

Check what Our Clients
say about us.

“The quality of the freelancers from the Jungal and their dedications to their job has been amazing.”

– Australian Defence Client, 2020
“The support offered by the Jungal Corporate account team is fantastic and we have great coverage with the whole experience. This has been really important as we trial using the on demand model. “
– Robert Samson
“Our freelancer has a very progressive and enthusiastic style which was loved by the team. She was instrumental in guiding our adoption of Agile tools.”
– Russell Taylor

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professionals to help you to achieve your organisational goals. Login

and be delighted by the rich community, diverse skills and exciting

fresh perspectives.


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Register as a top freelancer and gain access to gigs being released by top Australian companies. We take our role as serving the gig economy seriously and work tirelessly to ensure your well being, community connections and professional satisfaction. 

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