Jungal - What would you do differently?
Episode 4 - Marina Pullin - When Clients Disappoint

Welcome to “What Would You Do Differently?”, the podcast where seasoned professionals reflect on their career-defining moments and consider how they might have acted differently. In this episode, we dive into a thoughtful discussion with Marina Pullin as she explores the complexities of trust and care in client relationships. Marina shares her experience of dealing with a beloved and respected client whose disappointing actions shattered a great commercial relationship. This candid conversation examines the fragile nature of trust and the lessons learned from these challenging situations. Join us to gain insights and practical advice on managing professional relationships with care and integrity.

This podcast is brought to you by the global Jungal community, dedicated to creating a new way of working and humanizing the work experience for everyone. Learn more about our mission and join the movement by visiting our website at www.jungal.com.au.

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