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How can I become a Jungal Freelancer?

Simply register your interest and we will contact you to progress your application and verification. There are no fees associated.

Do I need to have an ABN to be a freelancer?

Yes, we encourage all freelancers to build up their own business and become independent freelancers. You can apply for an ABN online at a number of sites.

How to get your business registered

Jungal promotes independent freelancers in the marketplace and at this stage we do not have a company offering for the provision of services. You can promote your skills and representation as a team but your identity in the platform will be that of a person.

What categories of services does The Jungal offer?

The Jungal offers individuals and freelancing skills across 18 different sectors. From marketing to finance to business analysis, the Jungal community provides a vast array of options and skilled professionals.

Where can I learn more?

You can review the website but we’re very active on social media and you can find us on YouTube, Facebook and Linked In. Connect with online to learn more about the broad offering and experience of being a Jungal Gigstar. And don’t forget you can also drop us an email as well – see below.

What are the volunteer gigs about?

The Jungal also provides all Gigstars the opportunity to connect with the community and engage in meaningful volunteer work. You can apply for these gigs just the same as you would any other assignment and is a wonderful way to build your profiles and exposure.

Tell me about the community benefits

As a verified Gigstarâ„¢ of the platform you’re entitled to a number of wonderful additions – all carefully designed to support you as you progress your career as afreelancer. MCBI, our sister company offers a huge 65% discount off of all global training and once verified you’re provided the codes to access this incentive.

Why would a company gig out a piece of work?

If you need to supplement your work force or gain access to a specialised skill set then releasing a gig might be a great idea. As a Jungal Company Member you can investigate the available skills in the market and determine who is available to support your organisation.

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