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International Award for Jungal - Best Freelancing Platform in Australia

The Jungal: Australia’s Premier Freelancing Platform Wins Coveted International Award

Adelaide, Monday October 15th 2023 — The Jungal, an all Australian-built freelancing platform, has emerged as the undisputed leader in the region by clinching the prestigious award for “Australia’s Best Freelancing Platform” at the Wealth and Financing – Europe Awards. The Jungal’s triumph is a testament to its exceptional merit and unwavering commitment to the future of work.

Founded just six years ago, The Jungal has rapidly become a leader in the freelancing industry, boasting an impressive roster of blue-chip clients, including defence, major Australian banks, and credit unions. This remarkable success story reflects the dedication and expertise of the platform’s visionary team.

“Our journey began with a vision to transform the landscape of freelance work in Australia,” says Founder/CEO Marina Pullin, the driving force behind the Jungal. “Our platform’s growth and recognition as the best in the country is a tribute to our skilled, motivated, and passionate team members who share the same commitment to revolutionising the way we work globally.”

The Jungal is more than just a freelancing platform; it’s a gateway to the future of liberated and empowered work. With the global trend of freelancing on the rise, people are increasingly embracing the freedom, flexibility, and opportunities it offers. According to recent data from the World Bank, the number of people choosing to freelance or are self employed worldwide has grown at an incredible rate of 47% , and Australia stands as a beacon for trusted, highly skilled, and verified resources.

The Jungal invites you to join us on this exciting journey as an investor, a company looking to harness the talents of freelancers, or as a freelancer eager to be part of the future of work. This award-winning platform is committed to fostering a new era of work that empowers individuals and businesses alike.

Oct 2023


We love AI but we love humans more

Our Managing Director, Marina Pullin, was recently interviewed as to our usage of Chat GPT and marketing. SBS Insight (Australia) sought our views on AI and the impact it is having and will have.

It was an opportunity to highlight the changing work environment the challenges we’re having to consider with AI. 

Just to add to the story, the area we have successfully trialled Chat GPT in is as an alternative to social media marketing. We have implemented ChatGPT with our posting technology and it has helped refine our engagement with the three countries we operate in and the four generations we cover. 

It has been a deeply reflective trial and one that has raised some big issues.  We will always care for humans as the number one, but it is a big complex situation. 

You can read the whole story here :

July 2023


We care for your data

At Jungal, we understand that your trust is the foundation of our success, and we value the security and privacy of your data above all else.



Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been diligently working behind the scenes to clean up and optimise our data storage practices. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding data privacy or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Thank you for being an integral part of Jung


July 2023


Jungal nominated for a global award

The Jungal team are proud to advise they have been nominated for the global ‘GameChangers’ award for their work in creating an inclusive and equal community.


We’re proud to be building a human centred platform that allows true dignity in work 

April 2023


Mindfulness Event for the Community

On a beautiful day in Australia we welcomed 19 motivated Gigstars into the Botanic Garden to take some time out and investing in our well being. We love hosting these events to promote a sense of connection. Check our Events Page for the latest news and free events


Feb 2023


Men's Mental Health Event

The Jungal team were proud to host a fantastic event with experience business leader. Nigel McBride. He came and chatted to the group about the worsening crisis of mental health and why we need to be caring for our men folk. A brilliant event for our Gigstar community 

Nov 2022


Jungal at The Art Gallery

As a part of our ongoing commitment to the community we hosted a great night at the South Australian Art Gallery. A brilliant location and a wonderful event to nourish the mind and the sense of connection. Join us for one of the many events we have the the Gigstar community.

Dec 2022


Part proceeds of every gig

We believe in leaving a lasting positive legacy and creating meaningful change in our world.   

Everytime a gig is awarded through the Jungal a percentage is donated to help fight the cause and prevent domestic violence in Australia

13 June 2022


See you in Tasmania!

The Ultimate Freelance Event. Join Australia’s most successful freelancers for three days of keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and networking. Jungal is a proud sponsor and delighted to be sharing the future of work for Australia

13 May 2022