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The Jungal verifies all our community and ensures we offer a high standard of trusted Australian talent in the area of project and program management.


 Our verification process covers identity, skills and work references as a standard part of the acceptance on the platform and you can be assured of the talent skill set.

Skilled project managers across a variety of industries who bring expert knowledge in the areas of scope, budget and quality.

Program managers with skills and experience in managing several related projects often with the intention of improving a business or delivering complex change.

Smart, clever and wonderful with stakeholders these professionals will help move a body of work forward.

Traditional business analysts to assist with  collecting business requirements, technical writing and process mapping tasks. Often will be IIBA certified and trained.

Agile management is the application of the principles of Agile software development and Lean Management to various management processes, particularly product development and project management. The project managers who use this model will be fast, value focussed and be able to lead teams with the unique atmosphere that is Agile.

Project auditing is a formal type of “project review”, most often designed to evaluate the extent to which project management standards are being followed.


Project Health Reviewers or auditors are able to examine your projects at timely intervals and help prevent major problems emerging.



A project coordinator handles administrative tasks for the project manager and team members to keep the project running smoothly.


These folks are the glue!


This may include ordering equipment and supplies, managing deadlines and workflow, and scheduling meetings and appointments. 

Add to your project success with an on demand project coordinator.

Experienced and highly credentialed project manager professional with a top sense of humour and runs on the board.
Skilled and versatile project manager with a lengthy track record of delivering high quality outcomes for stakeholders.
Proven and highly skilled at adding value at every opportunity through project & program management services.
A challenge-driven professional passionate about Agile methodologies and delivering fast valuable results.
Over 30 years of experience and exposure to critical projects and delivery needs. Highly rated within defence.

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strategic agreements

Jungal holds numerous positions as a government preferred supplier. This allows all government agencies to access skilled local talent.
Preferred Supplier to the Australian Government
Mutual Marketplace has a national agreement in place with the Jungal to allow numerous credit unions to access great talent with set rates.
Mutual Marketplace
The Jungal has an Australian wide Master Service Agreement to support BAE projects with quality resources and unified contract conditions.
BAE Systems
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Agile vs waterfall

project managers

We believe in the ‘horses for courses’ approach and every style has a home.

The Jungal community offers a rich array of skills and talented

project management professionals.


Register your business today and be delighted by the rich community, diverse project skills and exciting

fresh perspectives on waterfall and agile.


(Just joking we all love Agile)

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We take our role as serving the gig economy seriously and work tirelessly to ensure your well being, community connections and professional satisfaction. 

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