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Are you a registered Australian charity who can provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to verified freelancers?

There are hundreds of skilled people who are willing to provide their expertise and knowledge to your cause. The Jungal platform allows you to connect and post discrete gigs across 18 different categories – from marketing plans to strategy documents to web site reviews.

Sign your charity up today and build your skilled on demand workforce for 2021.

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Once the gig is up, you will be able to hunt for the best person.  Search by skills, location or just availability.

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‘I completed a full web site review for my charity and helped identify critical areas for improvement. With my report they were able to approach their website provider and make some easy and positive changes. Was a lot of fun and I met some great people along the way.  Mollie Zhang, Adelaide

Volunteering creates a better world

Research by Dr Lisel O’Dwyer from Flinders University has calculated that volunteering contributes a whopping $290 billion to the Australian economy each year –almost 50 percent more than the $200 billion estimated two years ago. This is a growing and expanding segment of our workforce and create a multitude of opportunity.

There are many advantages to charities in being able to tap into the gig economy but there are many benefits for the freelancer themselves. Volunteering increases self-confidence and allows our professionals to use their skills knowing they are doing good for others and the community.


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