Connecting with great professionals has never been easier

The Jungal is an Australian platform that brings together a community of high performing professional freelancers from a variety of industries and connects them to Australian companies. The community bring complimentary skills, extra resourcing capacity and fresh knowledge into businesses in an agile and innovative manner.

Businesses are rapidly learning the substantial benefits of engaging with the Australian gig economy in a commercial manner.

Businesses are now able to access a huge variety of motivated professionals, reduce stress of your own team by managing work loads better and building ongoing relationships that allow you to flex up and down according to the market. Unlike traditional recruitment or poorly vetted job boards, the Jungal allows all parties to come together in a trusted manner and create ongoing work opportunities.

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We’ll discuss your ideas, contribute our expertise and start to build a picture of what your freelancer needs might look like.

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Once we understand your needs, our experts will help create a top gig and show you the ropes of hunting in the Jungal.

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Once you’re in The Jungal you will be able to hunt around and search for the best Gigstars from your job. Search by skills, location or availability.

04. Make offer & start gig

Once you have located your perfect person it is time to start the gig and get moving. We’re here every step of the way and will support you to get the outcomes you’re hunting.

‘I love the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and offer value in areas that I am really good at. Being a Gigstar lets me be the passionate specialist I have always wanted to be’. 

Our people philosophy and the opportunity of a great gig economy

The Jungal first started in 2015 after the senior leader of the company reflected on the future of work and where, having been consulting and resourcing for 20 years, where was it was all heading. It was evident that the future was taking on a new set of characteristics and many of the old norms where giving way to new exciting changes including a greater level of people wiling to back themselves and a diminishing connection to a traditional company structure.

But not being comfortable with a typical ‘race to the bottom’ for wages many platforms create, the leader behind the Jungal wanted to recreate the offline experience of great  people and freelancing into the online world. A sense of community, paid for greatness and a mutual obligation for success were all important needs of the business model.

And with this first Jungal platform was built and designed.

Going forward, the future looks exciting and bright and with double digit growth rates forecast in the number of people entering the gig economy in Australia we’re very proud to be associated with creating an ethical, people centric portal for the future.

Australian Financial Review 'The gig economy has certainly become a cultural phenomenon as increasing numbers of independent contractors work on jobs assigned via a digital platform' 


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